Manilla, the groundbreaking and highly adaptable blockchain centralised decentralised finance (CEDEFI) initiative bridging the realms of traditional fintech from Web2 to Web3, is thrilled to unveil its Initial Coin Offering (ICO). This momentous event marks a significant stride towards global cryptocurrency adoption, with a primary focus on simplifying bill settlements using native cryptocurrency tokens. Additionally, the platform boasts a user-friendly P2P exchange, streamlining the on-ramping and off-ramping processes like never before. 

It’s worthy of note that the project is led by an experienced team of blockchain developers whose earlier projects include Sinverse, the first mafia gaming metaverse built on the blockchain. Sinverse was notable for being the only project that has ever been launched right on stage at the GITEX Technology Conference in Dubai in 2021, fielding strong backers like Maven Capital, Grizzly Capital, Magnus Grizzly, AU21, CCIX Global, DWF Labs, and many more.

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The announcement of our ICO launch was first made on September 1, 2023. Before then, Manilla had achieved a remarkable feat, securing a staggering $510,000 in strategic funding during the initial phases. As we move into the public round, we extend an exclusive invitation to visionary investors to be part of our transformative journey. 

But that’s not all. Following the conclusion of the public round on October 15, our Initial DEX Offering (IDO) will kick off on BSC Station, Poolz Launchpad, Gempad, and Kommunitas.


For retail investors, this is an opportune moment to capitalise on special pricing during the ICO phase, with tokens available at just $0.015 each. As the ICO wraps up, the IDO price will adjust to $0.02, providing you with a unique chance to secure tokens at a discounted rate. The choice is entirely yours, as investors can decide which fundraising round suits their convenience.

At the heart of Manilla Finance lies the Service Suite, encompassing a comprehensive array of financial solutions, on-the-go payment options, and utility services. To incentivise the use of MNLA, Manilla’s ecosystem token, users will enjoy exclusive discounts and benefits when making financial transactions within the Manilla application, scheduled for launch after the MNLA token release.

The Service Suite introduces a P2P exchange for seamless token trading, a staking vault yielding an impressive 15% APR with DAO powers, a versatile debit card for point-of-sale transactions, and a gateway for utilities encompassing electricity, water, airtime, data, and ticketing services for hotels, flights, movies, and events. Additionally, users can access consumer loans at single-digit interest rates by staking their MNLA tokens for 180 or 365 days, serving as collateral. To top it all off, Manilla Finance offers a state-of-the-art, inheritable, non-custodial wallet, eliminating the risk of losing cryptocurrency tokens.

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Our esteemed partners, key players in the Web 3.0 arena, including investors, solution providers, and influential thought leaders, will play a pivotal role in Manilla’s market penetration. Some of our distinguished partners include Hacken, Chainalysis, FireBlocks, Reloadly, Sayfer, Tiqwa, Dverse, Hype&Buzz, Evan Luthra, Pixel Solutions, BSC Station, Prembly, Gempad, Kommunitas, and Poolz.

In the coming months, Manilla is set to make an indelible mark on the blockchain industry, catalysing widespread adoption and utilisation of blockchain and cryptocurrencies.

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Manilla isn’t just an ICO; it’s an invitation to be part of a revolutionary project. We invite you to embark on this thrilling journey where the future of blockchain innovation awaits unlocking. Don’t miss your chance to secure Manilla tokens at a discounted rate during the ICO phase. Together, we will shape the future of decentralised finance and unlock boundless possibilities.

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