More than being a global pop star, The Weekend is the time we use to catch up on all the shows that our pesky jobs don’t allow us to watch during the weekday.

It’s also for reading delightful articles that make you sigh joyfully while sipping coffee/orange juice/beer/wine. Because, let’s face it, you’re really not going to read that article you bookmarked on Monday about understanding the intricacies of the Russian-Ukraine war.

So this weekend, we’re bringing you two articles we guarantee will spark joy. The first is about what it’s like to build a tech company outside of Lagos, Nigeria’s commercial capital. It might not be something you often think about, but like Nigerian music, it’s difficult to “blow” outside Lagos.

We spoke to three people building in Kaduna and Imo, and the story is worth every minute of your weekend. Read the story here.

Our second delightful story for your weekend is from our newsroom editor, who abandoned us visited Johannesburg last week for the grand launch of the new Showmax.

Pros of reading this article: Helping me meet my KPIs pictures of the MultiChoice office and also, paragraphs like this:

For four days in the first week of February, the Showmax team went to great lengths to show its guests—journalists whose stock in trade is skepticism—who were in Johannesburg for a grand launch, how much it believes in its ability to crack Subscription Video On Demand (SVOD) in Africa.  

Read the story here.

Here’s what you can expect from future editions of TechCabal’s Weekend Features:

  • Long-form content: These aren’t your bite-sized news stories; these Weekend Features will include well-researched, long-form stories that promise to keep you engaged for the weekend.
  • Finding hidden gems: Learn more about the startups tackling the continent’s challenges in ways you never thought possible.
  • Going beyond the hype: Dive deep into the intricacies and social impact of emerging technologies.
  • Meeting the masterminds: Get exclusive insights from the incredible people driving the ecosystem forward, especially the underdogs.

TC’s Weekend Features is more than just reading; it’s an experience. We promise to keep you busy and interested with visually compelling storytelling, weaving together data, personal narratives, and expert opinions to create stories that inform, inspire, and entertain. Join us every Saturday as we explore untold stories that fuel Africa’s tech revolution in visually engaging ways. 

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