[Lagos, Nigeria] – [10th April 2024] – Pishon Health, a leading African healthcare innovation incubator, announced the launch of its Social Innovation Incubator program. This 12-week program aims to empower innovators in developing technology-driven solutions with the training, mentorship, and potential funding needed to transform their healthcare visions into thriving realities while addressing the continent’s most pressing healthcare challenges.

The African health tech market is projected to surpass $11 billion by 2025, underscoring the significant potential for innovation and growth in the region. Pishon Health aims to enable healthcare innovators to capitalize on this opportunity by providing a dynamic hub for African innovators to develop, refine, and scale up their groundbreaking solutions. “Africa faces significant healthcare challenges,” said Mopelola Lauretta Ajegbile, Founder at Pishon Health. “However, the continent is also brimming with talented innovators developing solutions specifically tailored to address these issues.  Our incubator program is designed to bridge the gap, nurturing these innovations and empowering them to reach their full potential.” 

Pishon Health will support these innovators with access to mentorship, capital, and advisory services worth up to $100,000, helping them to navigate the complexities of developing and scaling locally relevant solutions. The newly unveiled incubator serves as a vital catalyst, nurturing and propelling forward the next generation of African innovators who are shaping the future of healthcare.

Pishon Health’s Social Innovation Incubator offers a unique program specifically tailored to the African context. The program addresses healthcare challenges specific to the continent, ensuring solutions have a real-world impact. Participants receive guidance from experienced professionals in healthcare and social entrepreneurship. The program emphasizes practical skills development, focusing on business model refinement, pitching techniques, and partnership strategies. Finally, the incubator fosters a lasting community, connecting participants with a network of alumni for ongoing collaboration and growth.

The program seeks innovators working in a variety of healthtech areas, including communicable diseases, healthcare workforce shortages, non-communicable diseases (NCDs), climate change and health impacts, mental health, medical product development, maternal and child health, and health data management.

“We are confident that African-led innovations hold the key to unlocking a healthier future for the continent,” said Ifeoluwa Ojo, Cofofunder, Pishon Health. “We invite all passionate healthtech entrepreneurs to join our incubator and become part of this transformative movement.” The inaugural cohort of Pishon Health’s incubator program is set to commence in July, welcoming African early-stage innovators. Throughout the three-month program, participants will benefit from personalized guidance from seasoned experts and experienced entrepreneurs, with the potential to secure investments of up to $10,000 to advance their innovations.


Ifeoluwa Ojo  


+234 909 006 8780

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