“No matter your race, gender or socioeconomic status, health is a fundamental human right and no one should be left out”  This was said by Itoro Inoyo, co-founder of Clafiya, in one of Clafiya’s explainer videos on YouTube. In more developed nations, Itoro’s words would be accepted as an unarguable truth, but in a developing […]


Nigerian health tech startup 54Gene has announced the completion of a lab capable of carrying out whole genome sequencing of humans. Abasi Ene-Obong, the startup’s CEO, said the lab is powered by Novaseq 6000, a best-in-class sequencing technology solution produced by American biotech company Illumina.  Located in Nigeria, this lab is the product of a […]

Since the term was coined in 2016, femtech, a sub-sector in health technology dedicated to creating solutions that address female wellbeing continues to gain traction and attract VC funding globally. In Africa, however, the space is still very much in its budding phase. This segment is dedicated to telling stories of innovators, their solutions, the […]

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