Irene Nwaukwa and Dr Philip Ikeme have collaborated to build INC Consulting Africa, a healthcare consulting company poised to facilitate innovation in the healthcare space. The pair, both healthcare professionals, with Irene being a healthcare marketing expert, have over 45 years of combined experience working in the healthcare sector in sub-Saharan Africa and are passionate about driving improved access to quality healthcare in Africa.

INC Consulting Africa is offering healthcare startups and companies tailored solutions to improve their operations. This includes marketing and business development, project implementation, on-ground market research, and competitor tracking. lNC Consulting Africa will also offer medico-marketing communications for healthcare stakeholders, wellness and patient education, and training of commercial teams for healthcare companies. 

Healthcare in sub-Saharan Africa is currently the worst in the world due to ravaging poverty levels and lack of investment in the space, and there have been concerns about the business of healthcare on the continent further excluding poor people who are unable to afford private healthcare. However, INC shares that have already partnered with healthtechs like WellaHealth to design a strategy that deepens its penetration among the country’s poorer, underserved population. Wellahealth is focused on providing affordable and accessible healthcare to the underserved population

According to Dr. Philip Ikeme, the co-founder, the partnership with Wellahealth has exposed them to the impact of using technology and innovative solutions to build solutions for the underserved population.  

“We are excited about the potential impact our tailored solutions can have on the healthcare industry in Africa. Through our work with Wellahealth, we have seen the impact of using technology and innovative solutions to address challenges faced by underserved populations. We believe our expertise and experience will enable us to support more healthcare companies in improving access to quality healthcare across the continent,” he shared.

Their launch comes at a time when the healthcare scene in Africa is plagued with many challenges, and there have been calls for more investment -both attention and financial- into the sector. According to a report by Brooking, Africa’s health sector is one of the most lucrative and would be worth an estimated $259 billion by 2030. 

“We are dedicated to building and supporting robust programs and channels to enhance healthcare quality in African communities. Our mission is to increase the penetration and scale of healthcare innovation for every target customer while delivering value to our clients. With our extensive experience and expertise, we are positioned to deliver value and impact to the healthcare ecosystem in Africa,” shared Irene Nwaukwa.

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