Government-backed Tech Funding Opportunities In South Africa
11th June 2018

Compared to a lot of African governments, South Africa isn’t doing too bad as far as government-backed funding for tech businesses is concerned.

What Does GDPR Mean For African Startups?
24th May 2018

GDPR became official in 2016 and the past two years have been to allow businesses and larger companies enough time to right their ship. You’re only hearing all the noise now because deadline day is close.

How to Take Advantage of Lagos Innovates’ Investment in the Tech Ecosystem
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3rd January 2018

You might not have noticed, but the Lagos State Government just piloted Lagos Innovates – a program designed to help Lagos-based startups take off in a big way. Lagos Innovates is being run by the Lagos State Employment Trust Fund, which is tasked with supporting businesses with funds and the tools to become sustainable and […]

Quality Time: Lola Ekugo On Launching Transthat, Lessons From Previous Startups, And More
ecosystem, startups
12th June 2017

Most startups and business are built on risks and assumptions – one puts out hypothesis and take steps to verify that this is indeed valid.

Building Netsob: Episode 1 – The Origin of Netsob
8th March 2017

The first entry in a series of entries which follows a young, ambitious, Nigerian entrepreneur as he tries to build the next internet giant.

Nigeria’s startup ecosystem: Too many wise men, not enough fools
28th November 2016

We can all be that evangelist who’s foolish enough to advertise great products without asking for something in return.

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