SAIL Innovation Lab, a community innovation centre managed by Co-creation Hub is calling all aspiring game developers to apply for its three-month game development scholarship programme. This game development scholarship program is a fully-funded scholarship that will offer participants the skills and training to become entry-level game developers. The scholarship is open to residents of Lagos state and covers the cost of training.

With this game development scholarship, SAIL is looking for passionate individuals eager to learn, develop new skills, and contribute to the ever-evolving world of games. This program offers a unique opportunity for talented individuals from Lagos to gain the skills and knowledge needed to thrive in the exciting world of game development. Through this comprehensive program, participants will receive expert guidance on various aspects of game creation, including programming fundamentals and game design principles. If you’re a Lagos resident with a passion for games or crafting immersive worlds, this scholarship is for you. 


SAIL Innovation Lab is a community innovation centre located in Lagos, Nigeria. Its mission is to empower young people in Lagos East through grassroots innovation and employment programs. This community equips youth in the Lagos East senatorial district with the skills and knowledge to succeed in the tech industry. They offer various programs, including fellowships and scholarships, focused on equipping participants with in-demand tech skills like data science and game development. They also provide tech talent development programmes, startup accelerator programmes, STEM programmes, teacher fellowships, and community events.


  • Resident of Lagos state, Nigeria
  • Strong interest in game development
  • A creative and innovative mindset
  • A willingness to learn and collaborate

Benefits of joining this programme:

  • Become entry-level game developers in 3 months
  • Job Placement for top performers
  • Financial assistance to cover program costs
  • Hands-on training from industry professionals
  • Access to cutting-edge game development tools and software
  • The chance to network with other aspiring game creators

How to apply:

Click here to apply now.

Don’t miss an incredible opportunity to turn your passion into an employment opportunity, apply for the SAIL game development programme today.

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