There has been a continuous rise in global travel and migration over the last five decades. According to available data, there are about 281 million international migrants and among the 7+ billion people in the world, one out of every 30 people is a migrant.  Most people have a friend, family member, or even a co-worker who has migrated. Whether in times of peace or strife, people will travel. Even in regions like Africa, with many countries witnessing economic difficulties post-COVID-19, still there are over 40 million African travellers with 85% of these travellers moving internally within Africa.

Travelling strengthens the tourism sector, boosts the exchange of culture and knowledge, attracts more foreign direct investment (FDI), and boosts individual country GDP. But despite the increase in migration and its benefits on economies, travelling globally is not as seamless as it should be. Travellers often encounter common problems like unreliable flight booking platforms, expensive flight costs and price fluctuations, language barrier when using foreign platforms to book travel due to the unavailability of local options, and problems while travelling like losing luggage and valuable items. 

The travel industry is due for reform and needs innovation. This is what Akinnuga Ayobami and Olukanmi Emmanuel set out to do when they founded Tramango. Tramango is a digital travel company that makes seamless travel experiences and travel convenience possible for customers through its flight booking and travel insurance platform. By offering competitive pricing on a platform with a user-friendly interface, Tramango eliminates the hassle of using third-party agents to book flights and makes the process of flight booking and travel insurance smooth and cost-effective.

The Tramango team

Initially operating as a traditional travel company, the founders of Tramango were inspired to launch this digital platform after witnessing the challenges of travelling, first-hand. After consistent interactions with travellers, they came to understand the difficulty in booking flights, the challenges with customer service when making travel arrangements, and the security concerns when travelling. They also realised that travellers miss out on a lot of perks because they’re not aware of travel insurance and the security it offers. Wanting to ease the burden of travellers and also recognizing the powerful impact of technology in transforming travellers’ experience, Ayobami and Emmanuel created Tramango. According to Ayobami, “What guides our product is tackling the reasons we discovered while dealing with people and the reasons why they don’t travel. The main reasons why people don’t travel include the price of tickets, they don’t know how to get around the process of booking flights for international travel so they call an agent. Our product gives the best prices available and makes the process of booking tickets as seamless as possible so that anybody that can use a phone can buy a ticket and travel.”

What sets Tramango apart is the type of essential and reliable services it offers, in an easy-to-navigate platform. Users get a smooth flight booking experience with an intuitive and user-friendly interface; a reliable customer service support system that is available 24/7; competitive pricing for services; and access to secure insurance plans that cover the basics like lost baggage and health, all in one platform. According to Ayobami, the company’s ultimate goal is to become a one-stop-shop for everything travel.  “What we’re building doesn’t stop at this flagship product. Flight booking and insurance are just our starting point. The whole idea is to build a platform where you can do everything concerning travel and the only thing you need to do after visiting our site is pack your bags.” he says.

By making flight booking and travel insurance seamless, Tramango makes it easier for more people to travel for work, school, or leisure. For global travellers and Africans specifically who have to deal with limited information on travel regulations, and transportation options when travelling, Tramango has eliminated these problems and makes it easier to explore the African continent and the world.

In future, Tramango plans to add more services such as visa assistance, airport transfers, and more.

The company is remaining technology-driven and will continually innovate to make travel a better experience for travellers.

Visit Tramango here to start enjoying convenience and ease when travelling.

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