Ajibola Aiyedogbon

Cabal, Developers, ecosystem
20th February 2014

There was an old tweet from Mr Tomi Davies that was about how we can fix Nigerian tech. The chorus that has been echoed for years is always about how Nigeria lacks good developers. This statement may be true. However, another true statement is that Nigeria has produced a lot of good developers. So how […]

Apps, Developers, ecosystem, Mobile
22nd January 2014

We at TeXSoft have been working on a J2ME framework, and even though the platform is the burning platform, we believe that serious players in the African mobile space cannot ignore J2ME in the present. We have been developing mobile applications for a while and have had the benefit of a couple of years experience […]

Cabal, Developers, startups
8th July 2013

By now you should know the name; I sure hope you know the team as well. Three super smart guys who are super good at what they do. You sure as hell better know the story. Let’s start from the beginning. The very beginning. Garage48 Lagos, May, 2011.

Cabal, Developers, Fundamentals
7th May 2013

In Nigeria, distrust and lack of collaboration is deeply rooted. And with good reason. Lots of folk just aren’t trust worthy. But to every coin, there is a flip side…

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