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30th March 2014

Editor’s note: portions of this piece are in Yoruba For some background to this story, kindly read this article. The year is 2020. Three men walk in the middle of the night. Their destination is a town called Ota on the Outskirts of Lagos. They arrive at a White garment church. Songs such as ‘Jah […]

24th October 2013

The Serious Stuff The Broadband World Forum in Amsterdam kicked off on the 22nd with 4 Keynote speeches. The keynotes were delivered by seasoned stakeholders in the telco Industry. I will concentrate on the keynote speech from the General Manager of Google Fiber Access. He spoke on Google’s Gigabit Fiber Rollout across 3 cities in […]

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21st October 2013

I am attending the Broadband World Forum in Amsterdam. I’ll be here till Friday trying to find out what others are doing right and what we are doing wrong.

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