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An analysis of 2012 pitch that was sent to Rocket Internet
Cabal, Features
April 28, 2016

I conceived of the idea for in early 2012. I started working on it then (it was called, made a beta, and then went out trying to raise money. I knew next to nothing about raising money. One of the first investors I approached was Rocket Internet. I sent them a plan with […]

Software Developers Could Help Save Nigeria When Its Oil Dries Up
Cabal, ecosystem
October 29, 2014

Oil prices have dropped. They will continue to drop. The software industry is one of the few viable industries that can be invested in right now to give Nigeria the long-term ability to export goods and earn revenue.

It Is Possible For Software To Be Too Simple
Cabal, Developers
August 2, 2013

A lot of software designers strive to make their software as easy to use as possible. Often, the assumption is that the simpler – and the fewer user interface elements the software has – the easier it is to use. Often, this is wrong. When software is very minimal, it becomes incredibly hard to use […]

The Lagos Tech Scene Could Do With More Sharing Of Ideas
Cabal, ecosystem
July 29, 2013

Without a doubt, Silicon Valley is the greatest tech eco-system in the world. It’s not just in name — the concrete results it shows are extremely impressive. Such eco-systems can be recreated in other places, e.g in Lagos. However, for that to happen, things have to change.

Hacking Our Back End Systems
Cabal, Developers, startups
May 31, 2013

3 months ago, we turned on the call-center. The decision was quite quick, so we did not have any software for the back end. All calls were logged on A4 papers and filed in a cabinet.

Unreliability And Nigerian Tech Startups
May 16, 2013

Nigeria is a fundamentally unreliable place…nobody expects you to arrive by 4PM, if that’s what was written in the invitation.

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