Mark Essien

I conceived of the idea for in early 2012. I started working on it then (it was called, made a beta, and then went out trying to raise money. I knew next to nothing about raising money. One of the first investors I approached was Rocket Internet. I sent them a plan with […]

Cabal, Developers
2nd August 2013

A lot of software designers strive to make their software as easy to use as possible. Often, the assumption is that the simpler – and the fewer user interface elements the software has – the easier it is to use. Often, this is wrong. When software is very minimal, it becomes incredibly hard to use […]

Without a doubt, Silicon Valley is the greatest tech eco-system in the world. It’s not just in name — the concrete results it shows are extremely impressive. Such eco-systems can be recreated in other places, e.g in Lagos. However, for that to happen, things have to change.

Cabal, Developers, startups
31st May 2013

3 months ago, we turned on the call-center. The decision was quite quick, so we did not have any software for the back end. All calls were logged on A4 papers and filed in a cabinet.

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