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24th April 2014

You may want to read the first part of this post first. Following my initial post, there has been an interesting take from a developer@Ajibz’s on Techcabal here and another on bootstrapping to bridge the developer deficit with seemingly low budgets here. Both posts buttress the fact that we are not there yet and there remains a deficit of […]

I remember working with an Indian developer called Ajay in 2003 whilst building a VOIP billing portal to interop with Vocaltec’s proprietary VOIP gatekeeper. Long story but Ajay never delivered and he also made away with a database of clients. We ended up working with Vlad, a developer from Ukraine to complete the project. Now […]

Joel Gascoigne from Buffer recently put up this post apologising for providing a wrong baseline for calculating their annualised revenue estimates. Buffer doesn’t have a CFO from what I gather and I suspect this is rather widespread amongst tech startups considering the immediate focus is to stay afloat. Key terms like gross versus net revenue, OPEX (operating […]

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10th February 2014

Practically every nook and cranny you look these days, there is someone starting or looking to start something new in Nigeria. In many cases, it’s not enough to start something new, it really has to big, it has to be HUGE. We love the very idea of Silicon Valley, venture capital frenzy, funding, exits and […]

I wrote an initial post about the poor implementation of OTP by Interswitch (ISW) — you may want to read that post first. This post looks to demystify some of the assumptions around online card fraud and associated risks as this is the main justification for implementation OTP in such a crude manner in Nigeria. […]

It is no news that online payment solutions in Nigeria remain in the dark ages. I have seen numerous calls for Paypal, Google and more recently Stripe to save Nigeria from the likes of Interswitch (ISW). Interswitch’s OTP (One Time Password) is one of such concerns featured in many conversations lately. OTP or SAFETOKEN according to […]

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