iROKOtv Is Far From Dead.
Internet, startups
29th April 2014

In case you haven’t heard, iROKO is killing iROKOtv. They are gradually phasing out a large chunk of non-paying users from iROKOtv, in the hope of converting them into premium-only iROKOtv Plus customers. The Figures According to a series of blog posts by iROKO Partners  founder, Jason Nkoju: Only 5% of iROKO’s global audience is a paying audience. The remaining 95% […]

Four Essential Online Services For Nigerian SMEs
Internet, startups
25th April 2014

Amazon is the behemoth of e-commerce in the western world, selling anything and almost everything to millions of people across the globe. But crucially, Amazon goes a step further and has created a ‘Marketplace’.  A place where other ‘sellers’ can be found. These days also, keeping an active online presence for an SME is now a cardinal […]

Marketing with Bite-Sized Videos: The Rise of Vine
Apps, Features, Fructose, Internet, Social Media
25th April 2014

What can you do in six seconds to garner attention and make a permanent impression? Most brands, by now, are not strangers to the power of social media and they have now accepted that it’s not just a passing fad. More people these days would rather own a mobile device than a toothbrush. Brands all seek […]

Nigeria is host to about 3% of Africa’s malicious online content
Fructose, Internet
22nd April 2014

It was recently revealed at the Kaspersky Labs Security Analyst Summit, held in Budapest, Hungary,  that Nigeria hosts about 3% of the world’s malicious content. Or maybe not. The original article published on IT News Africa with a similar headline, but there was no mention of Nigeria in the article. There was however mention of […]

Top 7 Nigeria Trends of the Easter Holiday
Internet, Social Media
22nd April 2014

While Chelsea fans cursed their luck and Manchester United fans debated on whether to #SaveMoyes, the Nigerian Twitter elite declared Chimamanda overrated, amid the exclamations of “Happy Easter”. According to data from Google and Twitter trends – and in ascending order –  here are the 7 most popular online topics among Nigerians, during the Easter period from Good Friday […]

NIRA Website Defaced
Internet, Policy
20th April 2014

The website of the Nigerian Internet Registration Association (NIRA) has been defaced by a hacker team identifying themselves as “TeaM MaDLeeTs. The home page of the site ( is fine but the defacers have added a new webpage ( where you can see the defacing. In case you were wondering, 1337 (or ‘leet’ or ‘leetspeak’) […]

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