Ganiu Oloruntade
Reporter, TechCabal

Ganiu Oloruntade is a Reporter at TechCabal. Prior to joining TechCabal, he held a similar role at Technext, covering the intersection of policies and tech. He conceived a policy and tech column where he interviewed the people behind the policies impacting the Nigerian tech ecosystem. He also wrote analytical pieces on the latest industry data and tech trends.

He holds a Bachelor’s degree in Political Science from Lagos State University. He cut his teeth as a journalist at BlackBox Nigeria, a Lagos-based news platform where he curated well-researched, data-driven and human-angle stories across different beats. 

As a tech journalist, he is interested in how technology is changing the world as we see it. When he is not writing stories or chasing them, he is busy listening to his G.O.A.T (K1 De Ultimate) or sharing memes on his WhatsApp status.