Ngozi Chukwu is a Reporter at TechCabal. You can catch her penny humour in TechCabal’s daily newsletter, TC Daily. She also writes TC Weekender, a weekly roundup of the most interesting stories that were published by the newsroom.

Ngozi has broad interests, but when she is not attending to the newsletters, she would rather be found writing about the way Africans are interacting with technology and the impact women are making in Africa’s tech ecosystem. 

Despite her aversion to basic technology, Ngozi holds a Bachelor’s degree in Electronic Engineering. She was on her way to pursuing a Master’s degree in control engineering before she decided to follow her long-nursed passion for storytelling instead.

Before joining TechCabal, Ngozi worked as a communications specialist for NGOs, social entrepreneurs, and social innovation driven programmes like TEDxAbakiliki and TEDxBellsTech. She also taught English at a school where she pioneered a newsletter to close the gap created by the COVID-19 pandemic between parents and the teachers. Ngozi also dabbled in visual storytelling, working with art exhibition teams and making art of her own. Art led her back to tech at the Web3 Apogee, during which she worked as a content writer and strategist for a few African NFT art projects. 

Ngozi is currently learning a third language, French, so she can write stories about the francophone tech ecosystem in Africa for TechCabal.