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Lipisha is a Kenyan company that uses various platforms to automate mobile payments, allowing businesses to collect, automate and integrate payments from customers and clients using mobile money. One of these platforms was Safaricom’s M-Pesa, at least until November 12th, when access was cut off for BitPesa, for whom Safaricom explicitly asked Lipisha not to […]

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27th February 2015

The desired end result of the dance performed by a founder and an investor is for the founder to get the investor to believe in her/him, and provide the funding required to develop her/his product to the extent he is able to attract sufficient business for both founder and investor to be financially rewarded.

Cabal, ecosystem, Features, Series, startups
24th February 2015

In this post, I’ll be highlighting a few documents you a startup should have, and why they need those documents. These documents are what we lawyers would say are sine qua non to your existence as a startup, which is simply lawyer speak for essential, an absolute requirement, important, vital, crucial, etc

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