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The average technology entrepreneur is now more often than not also business savvy as well. But the single biggest blindspot that still remains is how to ensure that their asses are covered from a legal standpoint. Most are moving too fast and breaking things to bother with ensuring that they’ve begun their venture on the right foot. Years down the line, it could be a very costly oversight that will only be discovered when problems occur, or when investors become interested in getting behind the startup.

The devil, they say, are in the details. Too often, it’s the legal ones.

Odun Longe

Odun Longe

That is why I am really excited that Odun Longe, a self-styled startup lawyer based in Lagos, and a long-standing member of the Cabal has worked with us to create a Startup 101series that will not only point out the fundamental legal bases that startups must be sure to touch, but will lucidly explain why and how.

Because Odun is based in Nigeria, the series will derive most of its context from Nigerian company law and statutes. Nevertheless, most of the principles she will be expounding are of global application, so this is information that startup everywhere will find extremely helpful.

You won’t be getting any spoilers from me, the Startup 101 series is practically here, beginning next week (February). The series comprises 8 articles, and which we will publish in twos over four weeks.

Prepare to be enlightened. And of course, don’t forget to share this Startup 101 series with another startup entrepreneur.

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