A Cursory Look At Music Tech In South Africa
4th July 2018

Where music and technology is concerned, all the big guns are already there: Apple Music, Google Play Music (and whatever it’ll become in the near future), Deezer and long-time hold out Spotify.

A Social Innovation Tour of West Africa
28th June 2018

West Africa has invested in its people and the many social entrepreneurs and businesses creating impact and leaving a better region for future generations to come are a testament to that fact.

Workstation: The Co-Everything Space
25th June 2018

Workstation is open round-the clock (24/7) and it has a plan for almost any conceivable kind of worker that may need their services.

A Look At Health Tech In Egypt
21st June 2018

What is being done to change Egypt’s narrative of sub-par healthcare and accessibility? Well, the North African nations’ health tech startups are throwing themselves at it.

A (Very) Brief History of Digital Music In Kenya
20th June 2018

Kenya’s digital music scene today has come a long way from the PolyGram record pressing factories of the 70s and 80s.

Why Linda Ikeji Is Important
19th June 2018

Linda Ikeji is an integral part of the Internet-age Nigeria and her contributions, albeit indirect, have been instrumental in shaping what we’ve come to know as new media (as a format or as a business) in Nigeria.

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