This is Where Andela Keeps Its Developers
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11th February 2015

Andela recently opened living quarters for its resident developers, called Amity. It’s like a world of its own – with the living quarters, working stations, library and cafeteria, you have everything you need.

Why Fora Is Looking For Inexperienced Software Developers To Hire
Cabal, Developers
4th May 2014

Yes. No experience required, according to a blog post by Fora CEO, Iyin Aboyeji, announcing job opportunities for software developers in his edtech startup. “If you make it through our rigorous application process, we will hire and train you to be a software engineer”, he said. It doesn’t matter if you can code right now […]

Iyinoluwa Aboyeji On Future Force
20th August 2013

You guys know Iyinoluwa Aboyeji, right? Well he’s been back in Nigeria for a while to work on his latest startup, Fora. For the first few days when he was in town, he singled me out to be his naija-sitter. Not that he really needed me. Iyin is incredibly naija street-smart for someone in the […]

10 Ways To Make An African Angel Investor
Cabal, startups
30th July 2013

This weekend, I learnt a lot about the Nigerian technology ecosystem that will host at least a portion of my company, Fora. The lessons are many but I think the most important one is that African entrepreneurs can’t find good angels, so they need to make them. So I decided to provide a how to on […]

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