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31st October 2014

What do Seun Osewa and Linda Ikeji have in common? Very popular Nigerian online communities? No. There are both fighting to hold on to what isn’t theirs. Or what is no longer just theirs.

It’s no longer news that the Nairaland is down. It’s been down now for 2 whole days. The question is, why is it still down? There are a number of possibilities. Domain or Hosting expired? This is highly unlikely. Running a quick WHOIS check on Nairaland reveals they still have till August 2015 before they have to renew. DNS […]

23rd June 2014

And we’re not sure why. If you’re having trouble accessing Nairaland from your device, you are not alone. According to it’s been down for over 24 hours. Nairaland is yet to issue any official statement. The only indication of a statement is from founder, Seun Osewa’s Twitter account: I am so sorry. — Seun Osewa […]

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