And we’re not sure why.

If you’re having trouble accessing Nairaland from your device, you are not alone. According to it’s been down for over 24 hours. Nairaland is yet to issue any official statement. The only indication of a statement is from founder, Seun Osewa’s Twitter account:

Nairaland fans have taken to Twitter to share their frustrations.

Nairaland is Nigeria’s biggest website and arguably Africa’s largest forum. Ranked on Alexa as the 7th most visited site from Nigeria, Nairaland hit the 1 million registered users mark in January last year, which happens to be just a fraction of its entire user base.

TC has contacted Seun Osewa for comment. We will keep you posted on any relevant updates.

[Update]: Seun Osewa just updated his Twitter timeline with this ominous tweet. This doesn’t look good. 

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Muyiwa Matuluko Author

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