Okay, so now you can port your number. Isn’t that great?

Personally, I don’t know. It won’t change your life dramatically or anything like that, will it? If you’re like the average Nigerian, you probably have at least two phones, and one of them supports multiple SIMs. You probably have four or more SIM cards on your person at any given time.

But if anything, at least now you can finally stick it to that stupid telco that has held you captive all these years. You’ll be able to switch networks, sans the associated inconvenience of having to notify every contact that you’ve have changed numbers, because by then you won’t need to change numbers.

You’re probably itching to port your number already. The NCC knows it too. And to ensure that this new-found freedom doesn’t degenerate into a senseless orgy of indiscriminate network hopping, they’ve put number of rules in play. For one, you can only change networks once in 90 days.

If you’re going to live with a decision for that long, then you might want to spend a few minutes thinking about it. What network would you port your numberto? Would you please take this simple MNP survey to tell us where and why?

[googlemaps https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1AH0lRamKhSlm9YTuIlfTECoc2mHxFqUPmO4jCDo4RB0/viewform?embedded=true&w=660&h=1550]

Thanks for taking our survey! We’re doing it in conjunction with Tech360ng, Mobility, Technessivity, OTEKBITS and TechCityNG. The results will be published soon, so watch out for that. It’d also be great is you could get your friends to take the survey too.


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