Space has been a concern at the CcHub for a while now. Which is why it’s a good thing they’ve acquired the space on the ground floor of the six-storey building they currently occupy. The ground floor used to be a book store, but after an extensive make-over, the transformed space looks ready to host its new techie occupants. I’m told they will move in next week Monday.

Apart from decongestion (which is obviously needed) I like to think that there are some other over-arching strategic objectives the new facility is designed to achieve.

For one, the new space looks to be more serious than the comparatively laid back, open setting on the sixth floor. While the visual theme-ing remains the same, there’s a lot more tables and standard office chairs in here. No couches or bean bags in sight…so far.

An altogether more business-like atmosphere. Like the startups that have been selected to “launch” it. Boldly displayed on the sign next to the entrance are the names of six startups —  BudgIT, Traclist, Efiko, Maliyo Games, Genii Games, and Jobs In Nigeria — all of whom are supposed to have clear team structures and market-facing strategies.

cchub's new space

And what about the plans to acquire the whole building? I-HQ and things? Those plans are still on track, I’m told, although without clear clear action handles or timelines that one can hold on to. At the very least, one hopes that the Hub might start accepting registrations again.

Even if they don’t, timely alternatives might be just around the corner. Innovative intent keeps swelling in the Gidiopolis, and the idea of co-working, synergy and serendipity are definitely catching on.

Right beside the Hub is the iDEA incubator. Yes, they’re still there. Since the the ribbon cutting party left in their SUVs in April, the place has been largely deserted. But the big black cars returned on Friday to announce the first set of startups, selected for the TechLaunchPad incubator programme. Other people can get in, but not likely without spilling their guts and business plans first.

Other spaces like the Venia Hub and Pro Spaces are already functional on the Lagos Island. Capital Square, the latest, funkiest one is opening its doors in Lekki — I’ve been talking to its founder, Modupe Macaulay about it — should lead to a feature pretty soon.

Flower designed by Marwa Boukarim.

Bankole Oluwafemi Author

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