I wrote about it last week, and now it’s official. The Co-Creation Hub’s newly acquired and refurbished “business space” on the ground floor is finally open, and its occupants will be moving in this morning.

Pre-incubation and research lead, Tunji Eleso announced this while addressing members of the hub this morning, and shortly before escorting the startups selected to be its innaugural occupants to their new quarters. He also confirmed that the new space is a serious space for serious startups to get stuff done.


“No baby-sitting will be happening downstairs”, Tunji said. “We’ll be pushing those startups really hard. Moving back up is a demotion”.

The ventures getting “promoted” downstairs are BudgIT, Traclist, Efiko, Genii Games, Maliyo Games, Jobs In Nigeria and WeCyclers.

Space has been a concern for a while at the Co-Creation Hub, so these startups moving downstairs means more room for newcomers. Tunji said that the Hub will be investing in procuring more space to incubate more even startups and that the I-HQ project, which is instrumental to that end, is very much on track.

Here’s what the new space looks like. Note that these pictures were shot before the formal announcement today, and work was still going on at the time. Also, some of them are a tad overexposed, please pardon that.

Update: I’ve replaced the underwhelming pictures with official ones from the CcHub Facebook page. They look a whole lot better.







Bankole Oluwafemi Author

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