I’m not sure there’s more than a dozen people crying out to have this particular problem solved, but if you are a corporate account holder on the Swift network, then you might be interested in this Chrome plugin that allows you rename your associated devices from numeric goobledygook to something that humans understand.

Swift, a Nigerian ISP allows customers with a corporate account to attach multiple devices/modems to their account.

One of the areas where their service is deficient is that even though you have physical names for your devices/modems either based on their installed location or any other business concern you are unable to reflect this name on your account profile page. This plugin allows you to do so very easily.

Seriously, how many people have this problem again? If you’re one of them, then you won’t mind going to the trouble of checking out this note from the plugin’s author, Eli Ezeugoh, that explains better.

One (and the only) interesting use case Ezeugoh cited is where a user would like to monitor bandwidth usage, and know at-a-glance, which of their modems is costing using up the most data. If the modems are numbers as they are on Swift’s account management portal by default, knowing which modem is which could be an annoying inconvenience. I’m guessing Ezeugoh created the plugin to solve the naming problem for some of his clients perhaps? And then decided to share it, which by itself is significant.


The plugin is on the Chromestore here. Download at your discretion please, no TechCabal warranties actual or implied. If you’re a dev and you grok the idea, you can find the code on Bitbucket.

One last thing. If you’re a developer and you’ve created something interesting that is beneficial to the community, do get in touch. While we would definitely like to hear about the Hyperloop that you build, it doesn’t really have to save planet Krypton. It could be just a little something that makes people’s lives a little easier — Like Namzo’s GTBank Chrome app, or Tim Akinbo’s Stanbic mobile money Python library. Remember, only interesting, hyperloopy things. A bald app/startup pitch will only get you the run around, we’re creating something different for that soon.

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