We haven’t even begun to scratch the surface of Nigerian startup ecosytem intrigue, but Silicon Valley is definitely, fittingly where startup intrigue was invented and perfected.

Nick Bilton’s post on Twitter’s gory origins, is a harsh creation myth-buster that implicates EVERYBODY. Noah Glass, the Twitter founder you’ve never heard of, because his personal inadequacies got him pushed out pretty early on by Ev Williams, media genius shown to be quite the ruthless businessman as circumstances demand. Even the otherwise cherubic Fred Wilson gets his own two second slot of infamy in this Hollywood worthy drama.

But all of their roles combined don’t even come close to the the sheer “evil” genius of the star antagonist of the show — Jack Dorsey, one of the most lionized young technology and business icons of this epoch. If you’re a long time voltron of his, prepare for disappointment. Or maybe not.


At some point, I couldn’t help wishing the 6,000 word feature wasn’t just a really elaborate punk, but it’s a mere excerpt from Bilton’s upcoming book on the same subject. Then Paul Sahre’s macabre illustrations really drive it home.

A long but gripping and revealing read.

Bankole Oluwafemi Author

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