By now quite a few people are used to the concept of topping up their mobile airtime online, which is what Top Up Genie helps you do. But beyond the basic recharge airtime recharge, Top Up Genie allows their users perform other functions  — like loading airtime on several lines at once, or setting up automated airtime recharge schedules, for friends, family and staff.

Now Top Up Genie is introducing a new feature they call Flash4Credit –  a service that allows pre-registered users of and their approved contacts to flash* a toll-free number, and immediately receive a pre-defined amount of airtime to the number they flashed from.

How it works – the primary Top Up Genie account holder sets up their phone number or the number of anyone they’d like to use the service by specifying an amount to send when they flash, and a maximum limit that can be used. up to e.g. set an F4C amount of N400 and a limit of N4000, meaning that the person can use the F4C service 10 times at N400 per time up to the N4000 amount.

For an instant airtime top up, all the the user of the registered number needs to do is call 08007001234, let it ring, and hang up.


The setup process, described in an explainer video above, could be simpler, but once enabled, you might wonder how you managed to get by without it. Pretty easy how to see how this can and will come in handy, like at 2am in the morning, or any other situation when you just need airtime like super fast. No stepping out to find an airtime vendor or logging in to the Top Up Genie site/app.

And now, to the suprise. Top Up Genie is currently running a “N100 promo” to demonstrate how rapidly your phone gets topped up when you use the Flash4Credit feature. “While stocks last”, anyone that flashes the toll-free number, 08007001234, gets N100 airtime instantly. Go ahead…try it now. The promo is supposed to last a month, but I hear there’s only enough credit available to last the first hundred numbers that flash the toll free line. And yes, leave a comment if you’re one of the lucky winners.

*For those who don’t know, flashing is when you dial a number, wait for it to ring, but then hang up before the receiver picks up.

Bankole Oluwafemi Author

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