Question: If Santa was a geek, what would he bring your kids? Answer: A Raspberry Pi.


raspberry pi

As delicious as it might sound though, a Raspberry Pi isn’t something your kids can stuff their faces with. It’s a tiny and cheap credit card-sized computer that is changing the way kids interact with technology. A Raspberry Pi plugs into your TV or any screen and a keyboard and is capable of the usual PC functions we are all used to — word-processing, spreadsheets, and games.

Speaking of games, kids definitely love those. However, the CcHub is particularly excited about the tiny gizmo’s potential to teach them how to programme from their wee years. That is why on Saturday the 21st of December, The CcHUB Mobile Experience Centre is running a Kid’s Zone to introduce youngsters (ages 9-14) to the joys of computing, via the Raspberry Pi.

cchub bot club

It looks like there are a lot of kid themed technology events going on lately. Yesterday, Audax kicked off their free Christmas code bootcamp. Like Audax, the CcHub has also been working a lot with youngsters. The CcHub Bot Club, which was part of our getting Nigerian kids into tech feature, recently graduated its first batch of kid robot programmers.

Click here for more information and to get your younguns into the Kids Zone event at the CcHub Mobile Experience Center this Saturday. And from what I hear, you can buy one of these Raspberry Pis, you know, to give Santa to give your kids.

Bankole Oluwafemi Author

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