Recharging your mobile phone airtime online should never be a pain in the rectum. OwoMobi is a mobile-only app that looks to provide a “dead simple” way to recharge your mobile phone on the go.
OwoMobi handles payments using your Naira MasterCard, Visa, any international card and even PayPal (if you have that). You only have to enter and verify your card details once as the app remembers all your details. Of course, all data is encrypted – “we use top of the line security and all data is encrypted meeting the industry requirements and guidelines”.

OwoMobi was created by co-founder Wale Fawehinmi and “two other silent partners” and is currently angel-funded. They are looking to extend OwoMobi to handling more payments in the future – PHCN bills, Taxes, Internet and the like. Quickteller and Co. might have to decide if they need to start watching their back.

OwoMobi launched on the first of December and is currently available on Android and legacy BlackBerry devices, with support for Blackberry 10, iPhone and Nokia devices promised for next month.

Muyiwa Matuluko Author

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