Push and Start is an online platform that wants to offer equity and debt-based crowdfunding to early stage businesses in sub-Saharan Africa. Push and Stand founder, Nwachukwu Onyeaso, believes that lack of market access is stunting many ideas, and quite a few startup founders are not grounded enough  to penetrate or “disrupt” their chosen space, leading to much waste and frequent failure.

By connecting early stage startups with professional services providers, they hope to enable startup founders outsource essential functions which they do not have the manpower or resources to achieve, be it product design, legal services, prototyping or web development. This way, startups can focus on a narrow subset of functions that are central to their purpose and which they excel at.

In the aspect of finance, all fundraising entities are required partner with an independent accountant from Push & Start’s roster of professionals who will see to the finances of the firm, guiding founders and protecting the interests of the investors. Fees will be shared by both parties.

Push and Start also provides startups with access to mentors who can act as sounding boards for them, preventing them from attempting to re-invent the wheel each time or executing blindly.

The below video sums up the entire Push and Start philosophy and methodology.

There are a few more explanatory videos like above. Or you can just head on straight to the online platform

Muyiwa Matuluko Author

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