The above image is a screenshot from Microsoft’s connected car operating system concept, that could be making its way to car dashboards in the not-so-distant future.

How it could work is that your phone’s screen is projected onto your car’s dashboard – presumably by wireless tethering – so you are never tempted to use your phone while driving. Apart from displaying key information about car, the system will also enable you to perform common mobile tasks like play music from your phone, access maps and navigation, read emails, make calls, send texts etc. You will also be able to use apps that the start screen will display contextually, depending on what state your car is in – moving or parked.

*EDIT*[Apparently a lot of cars on the road currently run a version of Windows CE or Windows Automotive which are designed for embedded systems. The new Microsoft Connected Car Concept on the other hand, will be for connected cars i.e cars that can connect to the internet.]


The concept was presented at the Microsoft Build conference last week. You can watch the presentation below



Muyiwa Matuluko Author

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