AgriPro is a Ghanaian startup company focused on providing education about sustainable agriculture and how it benefits farmers as well as agribusinesses. They connect farmers in Ghana to markets around the world and organize physical markets to facilitate trade in sustainable agricultural products as well as encouraging young people to embrace agriculture through various clubs formed in universities and communities across Ghana.

Since it’s official launching in December 2013, AgriPro founders December 2013, Edison Gbenga Ade, Ewuranna Smith Quayson, Laamia Saadu, Samira Saadu, Michael Adu Bosompem and James Attiogbe, have stated that their overall aim is to become the biggest name in revolutionizing the agricultural industry in Africa within the next five years.


Some of AgriPro’s projects include Agricultural Change Agents Program (ACAP), structured clubs encouraging young people to embrace agriculture and all forms of non-farm agribusiness, currently functioning at the University of Ghana, and Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology; the Accra Green Market, a unique community gathering linking small farmers producing through sustainable agriculture best practices with consumers in a unique community gathering endorsed by the Ghanaian Ministry of health, Ministry of environment and Ministry of Food and Agriculture, and featured in the UK’s Guardian Newspaper; and AGRIPRO Farm management App, AGRIPROX, a farm management application that is designed to solve farmers’ problems of market access and financing.


Photocredit: Neil Palmer (CIAT) via Flickr

Odunayo Eweniyi Author

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