Scroll Comics was created by a team of comic book enthusiasts. The idea was to aid talented artists in exploring their creativity, whilst instilling a reading culture among the youth, by way of digital comics.

Scroll Comics CEO/President, Harry Dunkwu says there are way too many creative folks in the society who need to be brought to the limelight. “We believe that these potentials when properly harnessed can be exceeding lucrative, hence jobs will be created for Artists”. So they started Scroll Comics.

Photon 7 is the debut comic series of Scroll Comics. The comic series was created with the youth in mind (target market of 10-25 yrs) and designed to inspire positive moral values in the area of leadership, morality, family, patriotism to mention a few.
The story is futuristic in nature and establishes a picture of Nigeria as a world power and features characters from the 7 continents of the world; hence a reach to the potential global comic market. The Nigerian Police for example is re-branded to inform the society mentally. Photon 7 is a copyrighted property of Scroll Comics with the Nigerian Copyrights Commission.


The Scroll Comics team includes Xavier Ighorodge, the in-house scriptwriter. Martin Emosivwe, Stanley Obende, Cyril Kodu are illustrators/artists. Emmanuel Udoro and Akin Afere are working pro bono as Business Development and Brand Consultants respectively and finally, Shadrach Edadagbon is the Financial Officer.

Photon 7, the first series of comics is set launch sometime between May and June. Visit the Scroll Comics website to find out more details.

Muyiwa Matuluko Author

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