The Osun State Government may be left with no choice but to shut down MTN Base Stations in the state, following the network operator’s alleged refusal to pay up Right of Way permits amounting to N399.4 million.

Apparently 5 Base Stations had been seized on the 7th of April by officials of the state Internal Revenue Service, but on the intervention of a top MTN official, Mr Emmanuel Seton, they were eventually released two days after. Seton managed to negotiate a period of grace extended till the 15th of April.

But according to a statement released by the acting chairman of the Osun State IRS, Mr. Dayo Oyebanji, they are yet to pay up:

Please be informed that the issue of non-payment constituted one of the reasons why we distrained five of your mast base stations in our state on  April 7, which were released on April 9,  based on the mutual understanding with Mr. Samuel Seton during our meeting on April 8 that the payment should be effected on or before April 15.

“We therefore wish to express our disappointment on the failure of your organisation to fulfill your civic responsibility in respect of this payment despite several demand notices.

“In this regard, we are therefore left with no other option than to confiscate your base stations in our state provided we do not receive payment on or before the close of business on April 25 to the coffer of the state government

Source: Nigeria Communications Week

Muyiwa Matuluko Author

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