The Google Developer Group, Ibadan is hosting a Google Cloud and Web Technology event as the first true meet-up of the group.

The event will begin with talks from Gabriel Owoeye and Adepoju Abiodun, former Google Student Ambassador and Google Business Associate Intern, about the importance and continuity of the group, followed by the coding session. The session includes:

  • Google Cloud and App Engine with Emmanuel Obidiegwu: Attendees will learn how to create and deploy apps on App Engine, saving to Google Cloud Storage and using Google Cloud SQL.
  • Building web apps with Dart and AngularJS with Abiola Ibrahim (Software Engineer at Konga): Introduction to web apps, introduction to dart, advantages of angularJS, Dart and hands-on code samples.
  • Google Code Jam: Attendees will be made aware of the contest, get algorithm tips and practice on previous contests; and then they will attempt some Google Code Jam problems.

The Google Cloud and Web Technology event will hold at U and I Centre, University of Ibadan, on the 3rd of May 2014 at 9.00AM. Interested techies can register here or contact Abiola Ibrahim:

Odunayo Eweniyi Author

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