Acada360 is a note-sharing platform for tertiary institutions that allows students and lecturers, across Nigeria, exchange course content online in a social manner, aided with a financial incentive. It is a simple class management tool; lecturers can take their classes online by creating course pages where they can upload materials, post class assignments and announcements and Students can share study guides and video tutorials with their peers. Students can also rate their lecturers and get textbooks they wouldn’t ordinarily find from partner publishers.
Acada360 plans to solve the problem of academic content distribution, Nigeria-wide. In the largely untapped e-academic market, their competition would majorly be the open courseware systems of schools where lecturers can put up their materials for access.

The site is set to launch officially in July, 2014. It was founded by Ifeoluwa Adedeji and Godswill Oyor. Acada360 emerged the best idea in the idea stages of the Nigerian Campus Enterprise Challenge (2012) and Wennohunt Business Plan Competition (2013).


Photocredit: Destinations, Dreams and Dogs

Odunayo Eweniyi Author

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