Tsaboin traffic talk, the a service that lets users monitor traffic activity, so they can make smarter decisions about how to move around Lagos, has granted exclusive beta access of  some of its Lagos traffic cameras to Tsaboin users and its newsletter subscribers.



Tsaboin’s traffic information is crowdsourced in realtime from the platform’s users who report the traffic they are currently experiencing, and now users can now see live pictures and videos of traffic situations around Lagos busstops, which are our smallest unit of route description, via the company’s cameras stationed around Lagos showing accurate traffic situations of several routes. This is powered by their synergy with U12Drive.


Presently, the LiveCam feature is up for about 5 routes, but Tsaboin is growing the LiveCam service and hopes to make it available to the general public in another month, when they would have covered over 20 active locations.

Odunayo Eweniyi Author

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