It appears Nairaland is back – after being down for the better part of the past 96 hours – but not quite

Here’s an official statement on the Nairaland frontpage:

Nairaland is trying to recover from an attack that led to data loss. Please bear with us.

It is clear now that Nairaland was indeed attacked. However, the above statement does not tell us the extent of the data loss or if personal account information was compromised.

The site appears to be have been restored into limited functionality, pending when they can address the breach fully. For one, ads are visibly missing and login functionality is disabled. People can actually view the site and all its content, but are unable to login. It makes sense that they would disable logins till they can fix the breach.

As to how much data was lost, probably not a lot. Posts up to January 2014 have been restored. As of this publication, you won’t find any posts after that month. That’s about 6 months worth of data missing but it’s nothing compared to the amount of data generated in the almost 10 years of the site’s existence.

On Tuesday, Nairaland tweeted a link to’s image of the site, perhaps to give their users a place to go pending when they fully return.

Muyiwa Matuluko Author

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