Yesterday, we reported that Nairaland sort of returned – albeit with limited functionality – after recovering from a malicious attack that rendered it inaccessible for at least 72 hours.

It appears most functionality has been restored. At least, users can now login. But there are still no ads and the frontpage still displays the message that Nairaland is trying to recover from an attack.

If there was any hope that the missing posts and threads from after January, 2014 would be restored, they’ve been squashed by this post. That’s 5 months worth of user generated content and registered users all the way back to the 10th of January. Specifically, anyone who created a Nairaland account after the 10th of January will have to do so again.

Nairaland management is yet to issue a comprehensive statement about the incident.

Nevertheless, Nairaland fans will be happy to know their favourite forum is back and they can start posting again.

Muyiwa Matuluko Author

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