Stephen Ozoigbo, serial investor and advisor to multiple startups, is the CEO of the African Technology Foundation, a Silicon Valley based organization focused on globalizing African technologies by providing access to resources that effectively address and manage the pressing technological challenges on the continent.


Mr Ozoigbo leads the Evernote’s Africa Engagement technology roadshow that will include a three-country tour of Nigeria, Kenya and South Africa from the 30th of June to the 7th of July, 2014, to select Africa’s representative at the 2014 Evernote Platform Awards in Silicon Valley. The road show kicked off in Lagos, Nigeria on Monday, and the prize for the winning app company will include an all-expense paid trip to Silicon Valley and a 12-month mentorship program.


Stephen’s passion for innovation and entrepreneurship has led him through a number of international roles that are centered on bridging innovation gaps and in this interview, he opens up to TechCabal about his work at ATF and his interest and involvement with Tech Startups.

What is your background, and how did you come to be interested and involved with technology startups?

My background is a hybrid of technology, finance and international trade and investment relations. I became interested and involved in technology startups quite deliberately, following the completion of my MBA and my subsequent relocation to Silicon Valley, California. I have always had a global view on innovation and I belong to the school of thought that encourages frugal innovation for those with meager means and also supports bleeding edge technology developments for ecosystems with mature infrastructures. My journey with technology startups has seen me work across five continents over the last five years with roles ranging from advisor, mentor and investor to CXO and founder. As a generalist, I have been privileged to work with a myriad of startups from all over the world and my current portfolio of companies includes stage and industry agnostic companies.

Can you share practical examples of the impact of ATF’s work?

ATF is currently supporting the internationalizing of Evernote’s platform with a focus on the African market.


Techies can see the details here.

Can you describe how the ATF fellowship works for startups?

The ATF Fellowship is designed for individuals that have a unique passion as well as the relevant skills and resources to advance the cause of technology in Africa by supporting innovative activities across the continent. Fellows are selected on a rolling basis from direct applications that are collected via the ATF website and through strategic partners including, but not limited to universities and corporate entities.

ATF is committed to the internationalization of Africa’s technology, and to building a network of support resources (including human resources) that support the presentation of Africa’s best technologies on a global scale. Our vision is to bridge the knowledge gaps that impede the full scale growth and development of African technologies into global markets.

Our Fellows will present a unique blend of skills and resources in this regard; and if the continent is to succeed in the global marathon towards knowledge economies, ATF will support the application of “African grown technologies” via the direct support of the ATF Fellows and mentors. Our current fellowship opportunities include the R&D Collaboration Fellowship for University Students and Global Connections Fellowship for innovators, managers and global change-makers.

The roadshow wrapped up in Lagos on Tuesday, July 1st, 2014 with the Evernote/ATF Technology summit at iDEA Centre; followed by an Informal networking event with the tech community at CcHUB.. The next stop is Nairobi, Kenya after which it will wrap up in Capetown, South Africa.

Odunayo Eweniyi Author

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