Brace yourselves, stock photography startups might soon be on the rise.

This new one is called PhotoSale and as the name implies, it is a marketplace for selling and buying digital photos online. According to Co-founder Ayodeji Agboola, anyone can signup with Photosale as a vendor, upload their photos to the store and start selling immediately.

PhotoSale creates an individual store url for each vendor where all their photos are seen. Vendors can track their earnings from their dashboard and also manage all their photos. Customers can surf through the site and also search for photos to buy.


Vendors have to setup a Voguepay account to receive their settlements. They are however at liberty to set their prices. Last time I checked, prices range from as little as N50 to N500 per photo. It is unclear if PhotoSale has any pricing guidelines in place.

PhotoSale launched only just 3 days ago so there’s not much content to download at the moment. In fact, it looks like most, if not all, of the existing content was uploaded by Agboola himself.

PhotoSale is only the second local startup to venture into the stock photography space. SPARK’s has the honour of being the pioneer. PhotoSale doesn’t appear to be nearly as functional as However, seeing as the industry (yes, industry) is still very nascent , it will be interesting to observe how things unfold.

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