Who here has ever lost their keys and jokingly wished they could call or ping it with their mobile phones? My guess is everyone. As it turns out, some chaps across the Atlantic have turned that joke into a reality with a small wireless device they call TrackR bravo.

TrackR bravo is a concise keyholder-shaped device that can connect wirelessly to your Android (KitKat upwards) or iPhone device, via a mobile app. With just a tap of your finger, you can ping (or flash) your missing keys to locate and retrieve them within seconds. You can even set your keyholder to beep when you move a certain distance away from it. Your smartphone must support Bluetooth LE technology.

trackr-appDue to its versatile form factor, TrackR’s use is not limited to finding only missing keys. You can locate just about any missing items with TrackR including your wallet, bicycle and bags. Just about anything you can attach TrackR to.


TrackR also features two-way communication which means you can use it to locate your missing phone by tapping a button on the device.

Find out more on the TrackR website.

Muyiwa Matuluko Author

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