Fully funded and ready to go, these are the first batch of 440 startups, who were officially welcomed into the accelerator by the management and mentors at a cocktail event in 440’s Lagos Garage.

As you will see, our initial speculation was mostly off, but no matter. We’ve got the real list here now. They are:

1. Jay Osbie

Fashion startup that aims to cater to  young upwardly mobile, and social individuals. Juwon Osobu who used to own N1500Naira.com before it was acquired by Shoppi.ng is one of the co-founders of the venture.


2. Ella Matthew

Also a fashion startup, but for women. Founder, Lola Olusola says the goal is to make fashion accessible and create the sort of variety that mega and generalist online platforms cannot provide.


3. Young Soul

There is a new federal policy that has made computer studies compulsory for high schools. This team of eight guys have created an electronic learning module that teaches the subject, with a computer. The idea is to make it easier for schools without in-house or underdeveloped computer training capacity to comply with the policy.


4. Jaramall

From their website, it looks like they started out as an online grocery store, but the startup’s founders have zeroed in on delivering food and fresh fruit to busy professionals in their offices.


5. Click Right Consult

The development team have created a solution that helps students prepare for Nigeria’s most important examination. JAMB. The solution simulates the exam electronically, tracks progress, is optimized for mobile and is available offline. Employing a fremium model, the platform allows students up to 500 questions after which they have to pay $2 for full access.


6. Taja

Inventory management software as a service with proprietary hardware that targets small and medium businesses.

7. Fuel voucher

Monitor your fuel consumption, because you guys guzzle fuel by the gallon. Very enthusiastic founders.


8. Prayer Box

Prayer Box allows users post prayer points online to your pastor and friends, who have ability to say “amen”, and will get notifications of testimony. Seriously. The founders hope churches will adopt it and accept tithes and offerings via the service.

9. Obiweezy

I can’t be sure that I got the spelling right, but this is what their name sounds like, for real. Two young and very interesting computer village phone dealers have decided to take their trade to the next level and have created an electronic pawn shop for used mobile phones. Via web and mobile app, the platform allows users trade up phones, buy used phones with warranties, sell used phones securely. Perhaps the most exciting startup of the bunch, these guys remind me of Autobox.

We’ll be getting up close and personal with some of these startups in due course.

440 space

The startups, will recieve hands on training, mentorship, business support and go to market strategy over the next three months from 440NG, a joint venture between 88MPH and L5Lab that is committing up to $2 million to Nigerian startups that target African markets. Demo day is in December.

Bankole Oluwafemi Author

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