Google Ebola fund

As the border-defying Ebola death toll climbs, not only governments are concerned. Big corporates feel obliged to do something, and one of the biggest, Google has just announced

that along with Larry Page’s family foundation, it will be committing at total of $25 million to the fight against the deadly virus. $10 million of that will go directly and immediately to a number of health non-profits on the frontlines.

What is more, Google is challenging the public to give two, with a two to one dollar matching pledge.

For every dollar you give here, Google will give two dollars (until together we raise an additional $7.5 million). Your donation will go to Network for Good, a donor advised fund, and will then be evenly distributed to four nonprofits doing critical work in West Africa. Google will cover all processing fees so that 100% of your donation goes to these organizations, making a difference both on the ground and across the globe.

The double match pledge is a first for Google, but this is also Google’s largest corporate donation so far, according to a spokesperson.

To donate, visit the official donation website.

Bankole Oluwafemi Author

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