ICT Authority Kenya has signed agreement with the Netherlands Government for a three-year US$1.2m funding project to grow the ICT sector. This funding will also be used to implement the ICT Masterplan 2017 and to enhance the export competitiveness of Kenya IT and ITEs companies.

The agreement will expand 33 Kenyan ICT startups and SMEs and launch them into the foreign markets.

Mr Joseph Tiampati, PS, Ministry of ICT said, “Kenya ICT business is already at the tipping point of Africa transformation. Many of our businesses have now expanded beyond our borders. As the government we are committed to supporting Kenyan business’ zeal to expand in an organized way. That’s why the development of an export strategy and the operationalization of the ICT Masterplan is an important deliverable of this partnership with the Dutch government.”

The initiative is supported by the Netherlands Trust Fund Phase III (NTF III), which is a programme funded by the Dutch government. The three-year partnership agreement is between the Kenya, Ministry of Information Communications and Technology, International Trade Centre (ITC) and the Dutch Centre for the Promotion of Imports from developing countries (CBI).

This project is aimed at creating jobs, increasing exports by Kenyan companies and empowering youths and women.


Bolade Popoola Author

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