These are the news making rounds you almost missed!

Angani Secures Seed Round for Regional Expansion

Invested Development led the investment in the Nairobi-based cloud services company may create an impact in applications and web content for East African countries with this weighty prospect.

Negawatt Challenge Tackles Urban Energy Problems

Negawatt challenge train hopes to transform cities it’s moving through into sustainable places, though in four phases, namely Definition and Local Meetup Day/Negawatt Weekend and Bootcamp as well as (the final event) Global Demo Day.

When universities become accelerators

Ryerson, WITS universities and Bombay Stock Exchange Institute (BSEI) triple team to accelerate start-ups in partner countries.

Serif’s ‘Affinity’ for Mac Users

Serif, a software developing company, is working on an alternative photo editing application for Mac devices; at $50 and two years full update (when released), this may be the software in a shining armour for Mac users.

ConnectNigeria’s e-Business Fair Is Ten Days Away

Do you own a small, medium and micro enterprise or have a top business brand in the Nigeria? Whichever your answer is, you need to read this.

Olumuyiwa Coker Author

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