Hypercube Hub will be hosting the Entrepreneurship Day next week Tuesday in Harare Zimbabwe.

Venture capitalists and entrepreneurs from the United States will be at the event to conduct workshops for prospective entrepreneurs and also participate in a panel discussion. The team of American based entrepreneurs will also be visiting Zambia and Zimbabwe as part of a fellowship exchange programme.

The rabbis (in their own rights) will sharing their wealth of knowledge in areas such as: considerations for building a startup, preparing a start-up for future investment and adopting cross-border approaches for start-up growth.

Furthermore, the mentors (in series of four workshops spread over two sessions) will engage participants in a panel of discussions, as well as a tête-à-tête with Brad Feld, via skype.

“These workshops are meant to provide local entrepreneurs and techies with an opportunity to gain insight on aspects related to startup growth and development,” Rinesh Desai, a fellow with the Professional Fellows Programme and one of the coordinators from Hypercube Hub, sheds more light into the workshop.

Hypercube Hub is a technology and innovation hub in Harare, Zimbabwe, that supports co-creating solutions to build a better future for the young women and men of the country. With emphasis on co-working, co-learning, co-innovation and community, the organization hopes to collaborate (with like-minded individuals) in order to increase skills via technology for brighter future.

The workshop holds on February 17, 2015 in Zimbabwe and it’s free; Potential entrepreneurs who may like to participate in this workshop, can do so via this link.

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