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According to a press release by Rocket Internet, the German-based organisation, will launch a job portal, EverJobs, for fast growing economies (i.e. Africa and Asia).

Everjobs is a career listing website that acts as a gateway between job seekers and employers, with the mission to simplify job search and hiring process by connecting the two parties together. The site offers tools and features like career tips, easy site navigation, CV creation and search filters.

“Simplicity and ease of use play a major role in Everjobs’ service. Features like direct messages and standardized CV formats are convenient and user-friendly. Everjobs provides the right match for job seekers and employers: postings on the website range from small local companies to big international corporations and from student jobs to top level positions. To meet the needs of their Asian and African users, Everjobs created a lean and well structured website,” reads a statement on their website.

Launched in the first quarter of 2015, the online portal is already operational in two Asian countries. Led by co-founders Theo Poursanidis and Ronald Schuurs, the company’s backed by the Asia Pacific Group (APACIG) and the Africa Internet Group (AIG).

“In fast growing economies, Internet and mobile usage is growing rapidly. Smartphone penetration in the Asia Pacific region (excluding China and India) is expected to rise from 21% in 2013 to 44% in 2018. In Africa, mobile Internet usage is expected to grow by a factor of 20 in the next five years,” another statement on Rocket Internet’s website says.

The job portal also features direct messaging, which may serve as SMS alternatives. A schedule of country launches are yet to be finalized, however, Schurrs says, “Everjobs first African country will probably be Cameroun”.

Rocket Internet is an internet platform that identifies and builds proven internet business models and transfers them to new, under served or untapped markets where it seeks to scale them into market leading online companies.


Olumuyiwa Coker Author

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