PSQUARED is a Nigerian website that gives users the freedom to rate their favorite foreign and Nigerian celebrities.

The idea behind this is to provide a shared media experience for users who register on the website to gossip about and rate Nigerian artistes. Specialties are parody, animation, online media, social media and public opinion.

Visiting the website, I observed that activities of the user forms part of the rating process i.e. views about celebrities, comments, opinions, gossips and the sharing of news on celebrities using a system that registers users comments with his/her thoughts and (or) dispositions (e.g. diss, neutral etc). It also gives registered users the ability to track other users that they meet on the website.

The website offers parody materials, caricature images of popular Nigerian celebs, animated burlesques and identification of some celebrities with fake names. The website is active and very interactive, first time visitors won’t find it hard to register or join the community; potential members also have the option of joining via their Facebook or Twitter account.

Founded in 2014,  is located in Lagos and managed by Lineguage Studios Ltd.

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Olumuyiwa Coker Author

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