Remember we reported yesterday that Tim Cook (Apple’s CEO) had kept us in a suspended animation about the release of their latest “smart kid” on the block.

Finally, to the relief of Apple enthusiasts and the media, it’s here.


The watch was launched yesterday several minutes after Cook took the stage at precisely 6.05 pm to herald the beginning of events leading to the unveiling -at the Flint center.

At 7.00 pm, the Apple watch was unveiled.


You may be forgiven if you asked, “What’s the big deal about this watch?” Well, a lot –it seems. The watch offers apps ranging from Instagram, Twitter, SPG (an hotel check-in and room key functionality), Apple’s own Apple Pay, Shazam, Passbook and on-watch Notifications.

“Apple watch is the most personal device we’ve ever created,” Tim Cook said.


The Apple watch sport (in anodised aluminium) comes in 38mm & 42mm, costing $349 and $399 for both respectively. The stainless steel version will cost between $549 and $1,049 (also in the same sizes) based on the band. Seems expensive? Well, guess we have to let potential buyers be the judge of that.

“It’s a comprehensive health and fitness companion,” he stated further.


The Apple gold watch edition seems to be the “fairest of them all”, at a whopping $10,000, this gladiator will be released in limited outlets.


Other Features of the smartwatch includes ability to send and receive messages, photosensors and LED’s that detect pulse rate, retina display and much more. Nine countries including the UK and Australia have been scheduled for pre-orders by April 10, while shipping will be effected on April 24 in those places.


For the amount, it wouldn’t be a bad idea to give it a try, however, potential buyers should be aware that the downside with this watch is that you can only use it with the iPhone 5 and above. Another minus for customers may be some of the repetitive functions of the phone itself, which are present on the watch.


Considering the cost and glamour, I’m guessing there are several questions users are itching to ask, such as the battery life, when it will be available in other countries, how often it needs to be recharged etc. However, the watch is here and guess the laws of demand and supply coupled with users tastes, preferences among other things will be the final arbiter.

Featured Image: Apple

Olumuyiwa Coker Author

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